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Flash Boudoir will always respect your privacy. All photos displayed on this website are used by permission.



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Privacy Policy

 Flash Boudoir will always respect your privacy. All photos displayed on this website are used by permission. If you are a client of Flash Boudoir, your identity and/or image is never shared without written permission.


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Sweet Pillow Talk from our Sexy FLASH BOUDOIR Friends...


Hi Ladies,

I am so happy with my photos!  So thrilled that I totally blew the surprise for my hubby!!  O’well…..he LOVES the proofs and so do I.

I want to get in on the 24 hour special and I would like to order one of the 20 page Centerfold albums, but I’m not sure of the photos yet.  I also might want to do one of the magazine covers….so cute.  Is that ok if I just let you know that I am planning on ordering just not finalized yet?  Do you ladies have any favorites of what people order?? So much to choose from!!

OR, I’m going to do the 20 images on CD.  Ohhh, I can’t decide!

 Thanks again….you are amazing Melissa!! ~ M. Brown


"You do amazing work! Looks great! Thank you so much!" ~ A.M.


"My boyfriend loved the album! Thanks for the album & for taking such beautiful images!" ~ Monique


"Oh My Goodness! Just outstanding, so much more beautiful than I could of imagined and I LOVE the page layouts!! Thank you ladies for your wonderful work." ~ Ms J


"I just have to say Thank you! All my pictures were incredible – making it even harder to choose. My girlfriend Jennifer also said she had a wonderful time at her photo shoot. I never could have imagined a picture of myself could be so beautiful. Thank You for showing me that I have it in me. I will definitely recommend your studio to all my friends!" ~ Ms K


"Hi Melissa & Tina! I gave my husband my album – he was absolutely shocked and speechless. He loved it and was so amazed I did this without him knowing. I'm pretty proud of myself for breaking out of my shell. Thanks to amazing photographers! You are more than welcome to use my photos in your website. Thanks! ~ Mrs Smith


"Hello Tina & Melissa. The photo album was a hit! My boyfriend loved every picture and was greatly impressed that I had the guts to get photos like this done. He was very pleased with the photos and I was extremely pleased with his reaction!" ~ Ms. M


"The album looks terrific! Wow, I can't wait to see the look on my husband's face!" ~ Sexy Mrs. C.


"He LOVED THEM ALLL!!! Thank you so much."  ~ Suzi


"Dear Ladies, I absolutely love it!!!!  Oh my both truly did make me feel and look like a supermodel! Thanks so much!"  ~ Laura

"Thank you so much for rushing them for me I really appreciate it! No changes, it's perfect. Please send to print!" ~ L.K.


"All the pictures are amazing narrowing it down is going to be difficult but I am up for the challenge. The bigger challenge will be keeping it a secret until my anniversary! Thank you two so much." ~ S.


"Oh my goodness!! I am LOVING these!! They look so awesome.  I cannot wait to see the rest!!"~ Holly


"Hello Melissa and Tina! Oh my god the images are STUNNING!! I am so happy! You two are amazing!! Thanks so much! You ladies have made my week. :)"


"Thank you Melissa & Tina! My boyfriend loved the pictures yesterday!  What a cool gift."  ~ Chrissy


"I have always wanted to do a sexy pin up photo shoot but never have thinking it would be a little embarrassing and way out of my comfort zone. I kept thinking I will do that "someday"... For my 20th wedding Anniversary I decided to throw caution to the wind and GO FOR IT! Not only was it not embarrassing, It was a blast!

I had my hair styled super sexy and pin up at Salon Krush while enjoying a glass of wine. I brought different outfits and shoes to choose from. Melissa and Tina helped me choose just the right looks. We joked and laughed throughout the whole shoot. I was so comfortable and having so much fun and it shows in the photos. They are so Beautiful! I never knew I could be so HOT!!!! The look on my husbands face was priceless when he opened the book! He said it was the best gift I have ever given him. I can't decide who looks at the book more, him or me!!! We both love it!!!!

Thank you for such an amazing experience Ladies! I can't wait to do it again!!!"

xoxox, S.O.


"Amazing experience. I felt like a super model during the photo shoot! My man is going to love the photographs too. It was like capturing me at my best, happiest and most flattering light. They tailored it to my personality and did not fit me into some idea of their own. Definitely a highlight!  ~ NormaJean

"Thanks so much... He loved them and has told me more than once that the photos were the best gift I ever gave him. I appreciate all your efforts in working with an amateur and getting the album done in time for Xmas. It was a great experience!  Thanks again..."  ~ Jayne


"I attended the pole boudoir photo session with a little apprehension about what to expect. I think of myself as a pretty modest yet goofy person and have trouble getting in touch with my sensual side. I shouldn't have been nervous! I was blown away at how comfortable and encouraging Tina and Melissa made me feel. The experience made me feel so sexy and confident! My boyfriend was extremely surprised when I gave him the photo as a gift. He'd never seen me do anything like that! I would do it again in a second. Tina and Melissa arevery professional and you can tell they take a lot of pride in their work. Thanks so much!" ~ Angie